The 5th International Conference on Vibration and Energy Harvesting Applications (VEH 2024)

26 – 29 June 2024 | Auckland, New Zealand

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Vibration energy harvesting technology is an interdisciplinary field and has attracted significant attention from both academia and industry toward green and renewable energy and self-powered systems over the past decade.

VEH 2024 aims to provide an international platform for researchers from all over the world to exchange ideas to advance the development of the related technologies. All innovative research works related to vibration analysis, energy harvesting, their applications, and results on the mechanical design, optimization, dynamics, power management circuits and systems, MEMS technology, nano technology, new materials, self-powered IoT applications, and other related areas are welcome.

New Zealand is well acknowledged for her natural attractions. Renewable energy constitutes more than 80% of electricity generation with an aspirational target of 100% renewables by 2030 in New Zealand. The largest city in the country, Auckland, is one of the world’s most sustainable and liveable cities with dynamic multi-culture and inclusive communities as well as an innovative hub in the Asia Pacific region. VEH 2024 will be a unique opportunity for attendees around the world to enjoy the stunning views of the New Zealand landscape, experience the passion and diversity of this vibrant city, and learn about sustainability and harmony with nature in Aotearoa New Zealand.


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Conference Themes and Special Sessions:


Please take a look at our special sessions here.

Our 2024 Conference Topics inlude but are not limited to:

  1. Nonlinear Dynamics in Energy Harvesting
  2. Adaptive Structures and Innovative Mechanisms
  3. Metamaterials and Metastructures
  4. Sound/Vibration Damping and Control
  5. Energy Conversion and Storage Materials
  6. Triboelectric Nanogenerator (TENG)
  7. MEMS & NEMS Vibration Sensor/Energy Harvester
  8. Self-Powered Sensors/Actuators/Systems
  9. Nonlinear Interface Circuits
  10. Power Management for Energy Harvesting
  11. Biomechanical Energy Harvesting
  12. Energy Harvesting in Biomedical Applications
  13. Energy Harvesting in Remote Sensing and Monitoring Applications
  14. Wind, Wave & Tidal Energy Harvesting
  15. Acoustic Energy Harvesting and Transfer
  16. Other Topics Related to Dynamics, Sound and Vibration, and Energy Harvesting


Submissions to VEH 2024 can be in the form of an abstract (presentation only) or full paper. For participating in the Best Paper / Presentation Award, a full-paper submission is required.

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Key dates

Special session due 23 Oct 2023

Abstract due 9 Dec 2023

Abstract acceptance notification 18 Dec 2023

Full-length paper due 26 Jan 2024

Registration opens 9 February 2024

Paper acceptance notification 6 March 2024

Presenters registration required 12 April 2024

Early Bird Close 12 April 2024

Final paper due 12 April 2024

Conference Dates 26 - 29 June 2024

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Event and Conference Planner:

Liam Casey

The University of Auckland


General Chair

Associate Prof. Lihua Tang

The University of Auckland

✆: +64 9 923 9535


General Co-Chair

Prof. Kean Aw

The University of Auckland

✆: +64 9 923 9767